All information is given on the daily booking status. All rights and changes for improvements reserved. Please inform us via e- Mail about changes of the booking details or flights in written form. All changes have to be always confirmed by us to you via e- Mail in written form. All confirmations are subject to change what means, that we can offer you another similar or better villa in a similar area if the booked house is not available any more or cannot be rented at the moment, because of force mayeure. If there are very much damages and reparation works in the houses because of the guest damages, the landlord is allowed to expand the period to realize the paperwork and final payback of the security deposit. In some cases we have maybe to extend the responsibility with a credit card number of our guests for security. The invoicing company of this booking confirmation/invoice/voucher is our own marketing and booking agency, the IPS Internet Posting Service SL, Calle Ramón Gómez de la Serna 22, Edificio King Edward, Suite 412, 29602 Marbella (Malaga), which is registered in Spain, tax number number CIF-B93180818. We inform you, that we use your personal data for this reservation process, which you provided to us. We do not give this data to third persons and use them only for holiday rental uses and promotion between you and us.

Booking procedure
1) After your reservation by e-mail, telephone or fax, we send you the first booking confirmation and confirm the basic data and reserve the time for you. After the receipt you have to make the 50% down payment and your reservation is confirmed. Please send an e-mail/fax with the confirmation of you bank transfer to us.

2) Then we send you our “PRE CHECK-IN FORM”. Here you can add all your travel details like flights, group members, passport numbers and all other important travel dates for us and all points which we agree and guarantee you for your booking. With our PRE-CHECKIN service you do not have to lose any time arriving at the holiday home with formalities, because we have already all your data and can guarantee a quick and smooth handover of keys. You can at any time make changes to the name of guests, time of arrival etc. if necessary.

3) You have to pay a security deposit for the Villa. You will get a “key and house handover protocol” and after your stay we will make an “end cleaning record” which is controlled by three persons and supervised by the management.

Anti-damage responsibility insurance
You can purchase an anti-damage insurance with us for 10 Euro/person per holiday trip, which covers all the damages. Info: www.intasure.co.uk. Damages must be photographed and sent to the owner on the same day. For damages higher than 20 Euros a damage request refund form must be filled out, which we can send to you by E-Mail. For some periods, amount of guests and age structure of guests this anti-damage responsibility insurance is mandatory.

Overhead costs
In the rental price all costs (normal consumption of electric energy, heating, gas, A/C, pool cleaning, waste, gardening and water) are included, but not our own consumable materials (wood, cleaning chemicals, wash powder etc.). If there was an excessive consumption of water or electric energy, we have the right to bill the over excessive consumption (all counters are monitored by us before check-in and after check-out).

Changes to the Booking
Changes (number of persons, flight details or extras) can be made until one day before arrival but must be confirmed by us. If the group arrives at different times, inform us before about an exactly time of the check in you wish. The check in should be made together will all the people of the group to explain the house rules and technical things of the villa and must be confirmed by us, too. If there are delays or other important problems, you have to inform us via phone, SMS or e-mail in time before.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations have to be made in written form by E-Mail or recorded delivery to our registered offices and must be confirmed by our booking management.

The following cancellation fees apply:
Until 90 days before Arrival - 100% of the total amount
Until 180 days before Arrival - 80% of the total amount
Until 240 days before Arrival - 50% of the total amount.

We recommend travel cancellation insurance with www.erv.co.uk.